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AnswertheCall prepares and empowers young talent, and those ascending to higher positions of responsibility within organisations, by means of focused blended learning solutions as well as targeted Coaching and Mentoring programmes.

Coaching and Mentoring has a key role to play in addressing South Africa’s leadership skills gap, and the challenges of job creation and poverty alleviation.

Properly structured and well executed Coaching and Mentoring programmes assist individuals to correctly define and pursue their goals, and make integration into a group or organisation smoother and speedier. Coaching and Mentoring offers measurable benefits within a defined timeframe, ensuring an acceptable return on investment for all concerned.

We have a respected team of certified Leadership Coaches that provides coaching and mentoring to MBA students, the Youth, entrepreneurs, as well as leadership in organisations. We also work with registered Psychologists to provide assessment, career guidance and related services to our clients.

We provide a range of courses suitable for those entering positions of responsibility, as well as experienced leaders who are looking to update their knowledge and skills. A particular focus is on preparing managers for the internet economy, to enable them to further exploit opportunities arising therefrom.

Our company has forged links with a number of accredited institutes of higher learning, in order to provide suitable and internationally recognised leadership development courses to our customers.

The on-going turmoil in global markets continues to have a profoundly negative impact on world economies. If the situation continues to worsen, it will take several decades for world economies to fully recover. Growing unrest the world over; as a result of massive job losses, increasing poverty and disease, etc.; has prompted many countries to review the way they involve their citizens in addressing these economic and social challenges.

Entrepreneurship has long been recognised as a credible and viable means to arrest this downward slide. New ways of thinking and doing are required. Our company has partnered with global leaders in entrepreneurship development to deliver practical and impactful programmes focusing primarily on the youth.

The programmes leverage training by local and international universities and other recognised training service providers, supported by effective coaching and mentoring. We have successfully rolled out Youth Entrepreneurship Programmes in the Information Communication Technology and Agriculture Sectors. We will be extending these programmes to cover other sectors such as Mining, Transport, Energy, and so on